Sales Docket

SalesDocket works as a personal assistant for all role holders and assists them in daily ‘work to do’ and follow SOPs. SalesDocket is purely a next generation sales management tool.
SalesDocket is less of a sales management application and more of a sales growth application. SalesDocket power analytics helps you know where to focus while application takes care of the basic sales process seamlessly and makes it function on auto pilot. Mobile analytics gives a real time update on the go for all the KPIs so that managers can instantly review and take actions. SalesDocket works real time and measures each activity done at the dealership and provoke actions to the concerned and simultaneously reports to the manager. SalesDocket reduces the inter department communication gap to nearly ZERO.
SalesDocket is one of the most advanced sales management solution and is ever evolving as it is made by the people from Indian automobile industry. We STRONGLY believe that SalesDocket will address your pain points in automobile sales management so that you can drive business towards growth and profits.

Here are some of Screenshots:
Sales Docket increases efficiency of sales consultants and manages sales operations professionally.



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May 4, 2017